Who we are

Lincolnshire Dance is a relatively small dance studio from the town Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, England. We’re just a small outfit of 5 dance teachers who like teaching ballet to young girls. On top of teaching ballet, we also have evening classes for adults in ballroom and latin dances.

Teachers at Lincolnshire Dance are a relatively young outfit who have been formally trained in ballet, and who have danced in various dance troupes in and around London until their retirement. Now we’re a group of girls, 30 somethings, who are trying to pass on the knowledge onto their knowledge onto the next generation.

Our school teaches ballet to you girls and we also have evening classes in ballroom and latin dances for adults who are looking to expand their skillsets. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn something new, even as you get older. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You should be commended for wanting to improve and learn even as you get older.

We hope that you find our little dance studio interesting enough to pay us a visit, either as a parent of a prospective little ballerina, or if you want to join our evening classes and learn either ballroom or latin dances. In either case, come and join us. We are here, waiting. Cheers.