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Lincolnshire Dance studio currently has registrations open until the March 25th. We are looking for the next batch of young dancers that will take up empty spots left by our older students, who have outgrown our capabilities, leaving the school. Students usually leave Lincolnshire Dance at 14-15, when they usually leave for a professional academy, where there’s prospects of joining an on-stage ensemble.

Little girls ages 8-10 are taken up by us in our starter classes. As they progress through their lesson, they get placed in more advanced classes, with more experienced teachers. We are also open to taking in older girls, who are either close to doing the pointe technique or who have already started doing it, but we will need to carefully review the level of their knowledge before accepting them into school. This is so that we can place them into an appropriate class.

As for the rest of you, please fill out the form down below. Make sure that you don’t skip any fields, because we need all that info for properly assessing potential students.

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