How old is too old to start training ballet?

We get asked this question a lot so we decided to answer it in a bit more detail as a blog post to which we can refer people in the future. How old is too old for getting into ballet depends on what you mean by getting into ballet. We’re going to take a look at two main scenarios.

How old is too old for becoming a ballerina?

Becoming a professional ballet dancer requires training since young age. Most schools take in young girls between the ages 8-10, same things is true for us. Starting to learn ballet at an older age isn’t that common, because it takes years to prepare girls for the en pointe technique (that’s when they dance on the tips of their toes). We start teaching the en pointe technique around 12-13. By the time a ballerina is 18, she joins a dance company and her career is pretty much over by the age of 30 since ballet takes a huge toll on the body. Hence the reason why it’s pretty uncommon to start learning ballet at 15-20 years old.

Now as far as learning ballet at an older age for recreational purposes, that is of course possible. There’s no age limit on that, you can start training ballet recreationally any time you want, as long as your body can take it. We don’t teach older students here at Lincolnshire unfortunately. So if you want to be a professional ballerina, you better start young, and if you want to train ballet just for fun, you can start whenever you want. That’s the basic gist of it.