Dance studio

Dance studio has two dance halls which have lots of room so that groups of up to 25 students can comfortably take lessons all at once. There won’t be any bumping or falls dule to there not being enough room. Both of the dance halls are fully equipped, nothing is missing, there’s plenty of space at the barre. Floors were all redone before the school opened its doors last year, so they are all still in pretty much mint condition. Halls are heated and there are refreshments for before and after lessons for both ballet and adult evening lessons.

Classes might be a bit too large for some parents at first, but we have developed a pretty good system, where the teachers move the front rows of the students regularly so that everyone is up in front of the teacher to see. As the students get closer to doing the pointe technique, they will be moved to smaller groups of 10-15 for a period of time, until the teacher makes sure they understood the technique properly. All in all, we like think that we have everything down to the T, as they would say. Prospective parents who want to send us their kids can come and visit a few classes beforehand, to see how everything is done.