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Lincolnshire Dance is a new dance studio that operates in Lincoln, a town in, Lincolnshire Country, East Midlands, England. We started our little outfit in January last year with the hopes of providing a place for the people in and around the Lincolnshire county to learn and practice dancing. We organize dance lessons in ballet, ballroom and latin dances. We also like to organize events. Our biggest event so far was the Lincolnshire Outdoor Dance Festival, that took place last summer. We organized workshops, recitals and competitions for our students, or anyone else who wanted to join in on the fun. We even used a camera drone to record the event from the air. Footage from that even will be uploaded to the website shortly so you too can enjoy in it. Let’s talk a little bit what Lincolnshire Dance is all about.

There are several other dance studios and dance schools in Lincoln. They are all great, but we like to think that ours has its advantages. For starters we take a more modern approach to teaching kids how to dance. For example, we even have a large wall projector and a VR setup to help shows kids proper ballet techniques, but mostly so that we make learning how to dance fun. Our recitals are filmed by us, professionally. This might seem like a bit of an overkill, but for bigger events we use small indoor video camera drones so that we take the best possible shot. Let’s talk a little bit what Lincolnshire Dance is all about.

The things we do best

Dance lessons

Like many other dance studios out there, Lincolnshire Dance offers dance lessons to both kids and adults. In fact, we currently have registrations open for the next batch of young ballet dancers, ages between 8-10. You can fill out the registration form by clicking here. Next to ballet we also offer dance lessons in ballroom and latin dances. These are geared more towards adults than they are to small kids, but on occasion we do setup a group for our younger students as well.

Events and recitals

As our students progress through the lessons, and as they start getting the hang of things we will organize various recitals and events where students can demonstrate what they’ve learned. Again, this is nothing revolutionary, and many dance schools do this sort of thing. Having the students participate in recitals and festivals is important because they get to show off all the hard work that they put into during training. Parents, family, friends are of course all invited.

Pro photography

Now this is where things get a little bit more interesting. No many dance studios do this kinda things, but we at Lincolnshire Dance actually have an in-house photography team that records the aforementioned recitals and makes professional videos for the parents. Our photography team has high quality cameras, and even video camera drones for aerial shots, that they use to make great looking videos. Not many dance schools can say that they offer this type of service, not even the ones in London.

Giving back

Giving back to the community is very important for any business. Our way of giving back here at Lincolnshire Dance is with festivals. Yeah, we already mentioned this a while back, but we have this tradition of holding our very own Lincolnshire Dance Festival. They usually happen in the summer months and anyone who enjoys dancing, meeting new people and having fun can join. I say tradition, but we really only had the festival once. Hopefull we’ll be having it again this year.

What kind of dances do we Teach?


Primary focus of Lincolnshire Dance studio is to teach young kids ballet. We have about 5 teachers who work with the studio full time and currently there are 128 students in 6 groups. Each group is passed on from teacher to teacher, from year to year, as they get better and better until ultimately they leave our little studio for bigger and better things. We take on students ages between 8-10, and registrations are currently open for the next group, so go on to the registrations page to make sure you reserve a spot for your little one. Registrations will be closed on March 25th and lessons begin for the new group on April 1st.

There are many different reasons why kids should take up ballet. Obviously, if kids aren’t interested in ballet, parents shouldn’t force them into it. However, if there’s even an inkling of interest in ballet, it can help kids a lot later on in life. First of all, they get to socialize, which a big thing in todays world. Parents should take any opportunity that they can to get their kids out of the house and away from computer screens. Then there’s the fact that kids get an excellent exercise, develop muscle and learn about good posture in ballet classes. Lastly they learn about the dance itself. Techniques they learn in ballet can help them with other types of dance, and they can definitely help them if they decide to take up a career in ballet dancing, ballroom dancing, theater, etc. If your kid shows even a smidge of interest in ballet, you should bring them to us. You have nothing to lose.

Ballroom and latin

Even though it’s technically possible to start practicing ballet at any age, that’s not really something that we do here at Lincolnshire Dance. Most professional ballet dancers start dancing somewhere between 8-10, and they retire by their late 20s and into their 30s. Those who start ballet dancing later on in life can of course do it, but only recreationally. For taking up ballet recreationally there’s no age limit, but as I already mentioned, that’s not something that we do here at Lincolnshire Dance.

Even though you could take up ballet later on in life, the Lincolnshire Dance team actually has something else in mind for adults looking to get into dancing. Every evening, Monday through Friday, we have what we call dance workshops featuring ballroom and latin dances. Each day it’s something different it depends on how we arrange the groups for that week.

Learning how to ballroom dance or learning latin dances has pretty much the same advantages that learning ballet for kids has. You get out of the house, mingle with other people, learn a new life skill and of course, you have fun. Even if you are shy and safely tucked away in your comfort zone, you should come and visit us. I mean, you should definitely come and visit us then, because what better way to get out of your shell than through dancing. The classes are very relaxing, it’s strict like ballet, more for fun, so you don’t have to worry about being good right away, or even after a couple of times coming to the classes. Just come and visit us for the company.

What our users think?

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

My daughter has really learned a lot since she joined Lincolnshire Dance troupe. I especially like the fact that they have one-on-one lessons, when the teacher feels a student needs to correct certain mistakes. Give Lincolnshire a chance, you won’t regret it.

Janet Willis
Ballerina mom

When I first signed my daughter up for a ballet lesson with the Lincolnshire Dance team I was a bit sceptical about their approach. The classes seemed packed tight and I didn’t see much progress for the first few months. But half a year in, things started to change for the better. My little angle started to do her routines rather well. I highly recommend Lincolnshire Dance team.

Michelle Mitchel 
Ballerina mom

Well this is kinda embarrassing for a guy, but I signed up for dance lessons with the Lincolnshire Dance studio because I didn’t know how to dance properly and I wanted to know how to dance on my brothers wedding. The girls at Lincolnshire helped me out a lot. They are super helpful. A+ from me.

Tom Simmons
Guy who sucked at dancing 🙂

Have Questions?

If you have any kind of questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can use this contact form to send us a message. Alternatively you can come and visit our offices. Find our address over at the about us page.

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